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I knew the machine war was coming. But not like this… never like this.

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This is so gorgeous.

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Zoe Saldana photographed for Harper’s Bazaar Russia, July/August 2011

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Check out the awesomely long tails on these roosters! These regal specimens are Onagadori or “Long-tailed” chickens. They’re a breed of chicken from the Kōchi Prefecture of Japan who evolved from common domestic chickens who mated with Green Junglefowl. Also known as the ‘most honorable fowl’ in Japan, they’ve been carefully bred over the centuries to achieve their spectacular tails, which grow to lengths of 12 to 27 feet. It takes these chickens at least three years to molt. Onagadori breeders take tremendous pride in their chickens and provide special hutches with perches well above the ground, which helps keep their tails clean and in good condition.

If Rapunzel had been a chicken, she probably would’ve looked a lot like one of these awesome birds. These extraordinarily fancy fowl have Special Natural Monument status in Japan, which means they’re considered to be living monuments of Japanese culture and, as a protected breed, it’s illegal to take their eggs out of the country.

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Montse Bassons S/S 2015

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misc dmmd twitter doodles….

1) rainy notebook kiss w/ minao u/////u

2) preparatory doodles for kouao wedding pic

3) joseon korean au?????

4) midorijima high school yearbook


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“You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance — as opposed to her ideas or actions — isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all you. Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You may think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.”
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H2Oh yeah!

You can buy the shirt/sticker/pillows/etc here. I had an idea for a shirt and I thought I’d put Haru in it lelel.

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